Sunday, 5 June 2016

5.1 EA

It is incredibly quiet around APEX release 5.1. Just a couple of days ago I was talking to Dietmar and we were asking ourselves when is APEX 5.1 going to be released because of our training schedule for the rest of the year. On Tuesday this week Markus visited the EA site and this is what he found there. Many exciting things to appear in the next versions. Read the details and you will get an idea about what is comming.


  1. In the meanwhile APEX 5.1 Early Adopter 1 has already been released on :-) The website also contains an updated features list.


  2. Well, I can only speak for myself.
    beside all the "other" stuff I was heavily focused on trying and testing IG.
    However, I must be very honest - when I saw the list of "not included" things my enthusiasm disappeared a bit.
    And believe me I was very keen since it has been anounced. It was THE feature of 5.1 .
    Why such a long list.
    Are this features not ready yet?
    Want they to direct testing into a specific direction?
    What is the reason to provide a so brightly (and in the meantime for a long time) anounced new component with such a number of restrictions?
    Does anyone have a explanation?

  3. Patrick, I know. Was on the road for a couple of days. Saw that it has been released just after posting. Maybe you can comment on the comment from Andre. I am not sure what he is missing and about which restrections is he talking about. Will test myself soone. Let's see if I am going to be dissapointed as well. :)


  4. Andre, I am not sure I can exactly guess what you are talking about. Be more specific. Eventually you can start a discussion at


  5. I think Andre is referring to the list of Known Issues with APEX 5.1 EA1:

    As you can see the list is quite long with regard to the Interactive Grid component. The important question is: Are the missing features "almost finished" but just turned off for EA1, or have they not been developed (at all) yet?

    That said, the features that are available for EA1 look great (check out the Sample Interactive Grid application from the Packaged Apps). I just hope that EA2 and the missing features are not too far away... :-)

    - Morten

  6. Morten,

    Thanks for commenting. I thought so but wasn't sure in details. There are two ways of looking at things. You can say the bottle is half empty or it is half full. My way of thinking is half full. I think the APE team is doing a great job and although we have so many new things, the list of wishes is getting even longer. In practices, the half of my customers are still not using more than 50% of 5.0 potentials and they are so far from 5.1. This is also a reason why I am so relaxed regarding the new features.


    Denes Kubicek