Friday, 16 March 2007

.csv Export Problem

This problem is quite old. Many times my users complained getting no output when they try to export what they see in a report. I just found out that nobody was so really aware of this problem. Have a look at my example and the corresponding thread in the Oracle Forum.

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Anonymous said...


I'm facing a problem while downloading a report into XLS. It's giving no data found even if the report exists. I'm using page items to filter my report.I have gone through all the blogs related to this problem where it says I need to use computations to set the item to a default value.But I'm setting the item values by using on load-before header computation, but these computations are conditional.There are two buttons RUN and SAVE.I don't want to run the computation when the user clicks on RUN button. therefore I have given condition to those computations.
Is it because of the condition it's giving no data found?or something else that I need to take care while downloading?
pls help.