Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Multiple Reports in one Region

One of frequently asked questions in the forum is "how to put more than one region in
a region?". For example a report and a list or two or more reports. There is a simple way - hardcoded - for solving this problem.

In my Demo Application there is an example showing this:

What I did was the following:

1. I copied a report region template and modified it slightly,

2. Created a copy of my standard page template,

3. Included the report template in it, just before the #BOX_BODY#,

4. In the #BODY# section of the report template, I put the #REGION_POSITION_05# and #REGION_POSITION_06# instead,

5. Now, using the page template and putting the reports in the #REGION_POSITION_05# and #REGION_POSITION_06#, was giving me the result I needed.


Patrick Wolf said...



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry , but I didn't understand it. Could you please make detailed explanation for APEX newbe please.

Anonymous said...

quite good idea,
thanks, this helps me a lot.

Anonymous said...

I truly appreciate yoour blog and your apex demo site. I have learnt a lot by going thru your examples on apex_demo and have understood so much better, the workings of apex. I was impressed with your multiple region in one region demo. Is it possible to exaplain this in more detail (consider a newbie to apex tool :))?

Also is it possible to give a detailed example of how we can have customized left navigation bars? I see that you use it a lot..
I did get a brief explantion on it, but it was not enough for me to start implementing the same ... Again due to my newness to this tool!

Thanks for the wonderful work and teaching us so much!

Your great fan

Anonymous said...

this is a cool site, an
Encyclopedia of Apex Applications :)

Hats off Denes..

Manny R said...

I used Denes's idea and also modified it by using the Hide/Show within the template.

Just use the htmldb_ToggleWithImage() and you can have one regions wrap up multiple regions similarly.

Great site and tips. Thanks Denes

James said...

Could you please give a little more detail on step 3 'Include the report template in the page template bit'?
this sounds like exactly what I am trying to achieve but cant see how to do this bit. My page template is the One Level tabs in theme 17. V3.1 of apex.

Denes Kubicek said...

If you apply for an account, you can see how it has been done.

Denes Kubicek

Anonymous said...

Hi Denes,

Could you please let us know how to apply for an account.