Wednesday, 23 July 2008

ApEx - Shopping Cart

There is a new example in my Demo Application showing how to create a simple shopping cart using Ajax and DHTML tipps from Carl Backstrom. This demo doesn't require a single submit and it shows how to utilize DHTML and Ajax to operate on collections. Since there is quite a bit of code and I am fairly busy at the moment, all the code is available only to those who have an admin login to my workspace.

You will find the example here:

Enjoy digging into it.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, but you've just forgotten the following book! ;o)))

Anonymous said...

Excellent example Denes.. Once again, you ave helped so many folks with your work on the Forum!!

Tony Miller
Webster, TX

Rutger said...
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Rutger said...

Great work with the DHTML implementation. There seems to be a bit of a delay when removing an item out of the the cart. You actually see the trashcan change to a shopping cart before it is put back in the main list. Maybe changing the icon can be done after the move.

And just out of curiosity, is there an actual delivery date set for John Scott's book in this example ;)

Just kiddin' :)

Stew said...

A very interesting example, though I got a couple random errors when I clicked the shopping cart some times. Hopefully this is a demo app and you have fixed the production version.

But it's also very frustrating, I keep adding John Scott's Apex book to my cart, but I can't figure out how to get the book shipped to me!!! :-(

The exact same thing happened to me when I ordered it on back in January! Added to the cart, but never shipped! People joked at the ODTUG conference about building the next Amazon using Apex, and it looks like you've done exactly that! :-)

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kawan said...

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