Saturday, 17 January 2009

Setting Item Session State using Ajax

This question is a frequently asked one. So, how can you set a value of an item without submitting a page? Today, I answered that question in the Oracle Forum. In addition to that, I created an example in my Demo Application showing those few steps you need to make in order to achieve that. Basically, you just need a small piece of javascript in your page header and an "onchange" call of that javascript in the HTML Form Element Attributes of your item. The code is generic and you can just copy-paste it without a need to change anything.



Alex said...

Very well done. This helped a lot. Thank you

Anonymous said...

In case if you need to get the value from session using Ajax, this link will details the step.

Unknown said...

Thank you Mr. Kubicek; I have used your forumula in many instances at work with APEX, and answered many questions on SO with it as well.