Sunday, 14 June 2009

Use Lightbox 2 in Apex

Following this thread I was wondering how easy it is to incorporate the Lightbox 2 plugin into Apex on You can see the results here in my Demo Application.


Anonymous said...

I have the CSS file, image files, and static JS files uploaded to my application. I also changed the CSS to match what you have in your demo app.

Finally, I put in the javascript tags to load the js files within the page header and HTML header, etc.

It is still not working. I tried to view your lightbox.js file in the shared componants but it said it was too large.

Any easy tips you can give me to get this to work?

It doesnt appear to even try using the lightbox tool so I am at a loss right now. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Ah....nevermind. I got it working right after posting this. I wasnt pulling the images correctly in my SQL. Thanks for the demo. Looks great.