Thursday, 27 August 2009

Renaming Page Items

I am using Firefox for development of Apex applications. I have my builder open in one tab and the application in the next one. As soon as I make a change I would switch to the application tab and see the results after reloading or submiting the page. That is quite practical and saves a lot of clicks. Couple of days ago I was developing an application and had to rename a page item. This item was involved in some page computations and after renaming it the page didn't work the way I expected. I spent probably an hour trying to understand why. I changed my code couple of times withouth success. Then it came to my mind that I had seen this before. I logged out, logged in again and my code suddenly worked. So, this is just a small tip to first logout after renaming page items. It could save you a lot of time (and nerves) if you remember it.


Stew said...


Thanks for the tip. But could you clarify (for us dunderheads who can't spot it immediately) what the underlying cause was?

My guess is that the run-time page was using the same session ID as the first, so it was caching the page?

I get around this by developing in FireFox and displaying the run-time using IE. That also helps me stay aware of any browser presentation issues.

Thanks for the tip.

- Stew

Denes Kubicek said...


Apex is storing the item values per session in the wwv_flow_data table. Renaming an item probably doesn't rename the item in that table but still using the old name. You can easily check that yourself.


Stew said...


Thanks for the tip. I'll take your word for it. Just curious.