Thursday, 14 February 2013

APEX Authentication Function

Did you know that an authentication function in APEX is not used the way a function actually should be used?  Normally, this function has two input parameters and it will return TRUE or FALSE. However, you will name this function in your authentication schema by typing it into a box, without providing any parameters. I have never looked into that but my assumption is that APEX will probably create a kind of a dynamic function call by providing the parameters using login items (:p101_username, :p101_password) from your login page (101).

Now, it may happen to you that you not just only copy / paste the code in your new application but you decide for some reason to write your authentication function from scratch. There is one important thing you shouldn't forget: You can not name the function input parameters as you like. Otherwise, the function will not work. It will cause an error like this:

This error message is a bit confusing and it may make you busy for a while. At least it does that with me from time to time.

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