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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Barcode Report

This example seems still to be interesting to some people in the community. The number of requests and questions I am getting regarding it forced me to update it. Now the rendering is using an application process instead of a public procedure - using public procedures in XE is somewhat tricky.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to recreate this code using an interactive report. The barcodes didn't show... I followed all of the steps so I guess it could be related to the SVG Viewer... anyway, I followed the link you provided to download it, but is no longer being supported I am running on Windows 7, any suggestion on how to achieve the same results under the conditions I just mentioned?

Denes Kubicek said...

I just created an interactive report in this example:


It shows the barcodes. I am also using Windows 7 and there are no issues. Tested with both FF and IE10. Maybe the SVG Viewer isn't installed properly. Google on this topic a bit.


Denes Kubicek

Andy Adams said...

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Harris Webb said...

I'm looking for some resources or guides on creating bar code in crystal reports, so lucky find the detail info here. Thank you so much for the great sharing.

Anonymous said...

First of all would like to thank you for the support. We want to generate barcode based on the new unique keys generated in our table in Oracle Apex.We followed exactly the script in your demo application and was anot able to view the barcodes. We installed another svg viewer as Adobe no longer supports SVG viewer. The new SVG viewer that we downloaded doesnt give us the desired result. An error while running the Javascript message appears in the script. Is it because of the generating SVG file part which calls the xml nodes ' xmlns:a="http://ns.adobe.com'|| '/AdobeSVGViewerExtensions/3.0/" >'

Denes Kubicek said...

You should look for a better solution for generating barcodes. This technique is obviously hard to implement and it is not supported.

Denes Kubicek

Anonymous said...

I have a javascript which generates barcode in oracle apex application page. When i call the function
get_object('P5_X').innerHTML=DrawCode39Barcode('1-1-82',0) in the Page Body attribute the barcode for the value '1-1-82' is generated. I want to take the value of item P5_X instead of '1-1-82'. I tried many things but not working
Can you please suggest some solution

Anonymous said...

Can you please provide Pavels application process script as this gives barcode output on my browser whereas the https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=31517:105
gives no barcode output

Denes Kubicek said...

I see the barcodes in my browser. You have Pavel's email on that page and can write him.

Otherwise, read my last answer and go find a better barcode solution.