Saturday, 6 December 2014

Good Blog Bad Blog

Just checked if the is available again and it is. It seems the people there are filtering blogs because I don't see my blog post from yesterday appearing there and I don't understand why. Is that just because I said that the old blog listing was much better? Or this is just another technical problem they have? Am I going to be removed from that blog listing forever if I continue saying things which they may not like?

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APEX Developer In the USA said...

I guess you angered the keepers of the blogsphere for the APEX realm.. I would keep on doing what you are doing, since we the actual people who read these things know where to get access.

Heck I tried adding my simple little blog a while back and it's still in a waiting period...

I guess some pigs are more equal than others..

Thank you,

Tony Miller
LuvMuffin Software
Ruckersville, VA