Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards

Don't forget to vote for the expert of your choice at There are a lot of good men there deserving your voice for their activities in the community and for their selfless engagement.

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gyana said...

Hi ,

I have apex URL integrated within my application.

URL like :

Here from the other application we are passing :P_USER which is the user name of the current user .
I want to use that :P_USER variable value in my apex report for user authentication and other query operations . Please guide me how i can use the :P_USER value passed from the URL in APEX authentications .

Issues I am facing
1. I can't able to use the :P_USER variable value in APEX to authenticate the user so the report is open for all now .(For now i am using apex authentication for temporary).

2. If somebody copy the URL and paste in other browser then the APEX report UI opens with out any security . How to prevent the copy paste URL working for customer ?

3. What are the other security method i can apply in the APEX by using the variable passed in URL ? :P_USER .

4. How i can achieve the SSO (Single sign on) APEX . We have integrated the APEX URL in other application and we have a requirement to implement the SSO . But i am new to apex and i have no idea how to implement . Could you please guide me on solving these issues .

Please send some steps how to do that in my email: .

Thank you in advance .