Monday, 7 January 2008

Create Virtual Tables Vol.2

Every once in a while a question similar to this one will appear in the forum. The problem is always the same: "how to create a lot of data based on very few records?". Today, one new variation of a puzzle followed. It took me arround half an hour in order to create a demo page, giving an idea on how to solve the problem. Of course, you need much more for a working version of an application.

The example in my demo application

is related to one of the examples from the past

which I already blogged about here

Still, this requirement is somewhat new and different. It is worth of looking into it.


Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Denes,

looks like that the links not have a actual value in the href. -> Link doesn't work.

BTW, you should change the language of you blog to English, so that the automatic generated text (for example 0 Kommentare) is in English. Makes it easier for non German speaking people :-)


Andy said...

Dominic has a tool which generates data pretty well too:

Not sure if it can be used in this case but it might be worthwhile looking into perhaps?