Wednesday, 23 July 2008

How to post your code in the Oracle Forum

This may have been already posted somewhere else. However, I still see people not knowing how to post their code properly. If you want to show your code in a posting on

use the following tags and put your code between them



This will show your code formated and readable like this

WHEN cnt > 20
THEN '<font color="red">' || cnt || '</font>'
WHEN cnt <= 20
THEN '<font color="green">' || cnt || '</font>'
WHERE TO_CHAR ("MYTABLE"."DATE", 'YYYY-MM-DD') >= '2007-04-01'

instead of something like this

SELECT CASE WHEN COUNT > 20 THEN '' || cnt || '' WHEN COUNT <= 20 THEN '' || cnt || '' END AS X from "MYTABLE" where TO_CHAR ("MYTABLE"."DATE",'YYYY-MM-DD') >='2007-04-01' and "MYTABLE"."SERVCODE" <>'OBS'

ApEx - Shopping Cart

There is a new example in my Demo Application showing how to create a simple shopping cart using Ajax and DHTML tipps from Carl Backstrom. This demo doesn't require a single submit and it shows how to utilize DHTML and Ajax to operate on collections. Since there is quite a bit of code and I am fairly busy at the moment, all the code is available only to those who have an admin login to my workspace.

You will find the example here:

Enjoy digging into it.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Over 500 named users of my Workspace

I started with the registration somewhere in January/February of this year. Up to now, more than 500 people applied for a login.

Within these five to six moths I answered arround 1200 emails regarding account and also many other questions related to ApEx. The number of emails I am getting per day is quite constant and I still haven't noticed a trend of those emails decreasing.