Wednesday, 10 November 2010

APEX 4.0 New Features - Wiederholung

Das Interesse an unserem letzten Kurs "APEX 4.0 New Features" war so gross, dass wir es vorzeitig schliessen mussten. Wir werden deswegen diesen Kurs am 24. und am 25. Januar 2011 wiederholen. Eine Neuigkeit dazu gibt es auch: wir werden im Rahmen des Kurses auch eine zusätzliche Hands-On Session haben, in der wir zeigen werden, wie man eigene Plug-Ins entwickelt. Sie können sich zum Kurs ab sofort auf unserer Hompage anmelden.

Bis bald.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Tabular Form - Highlighting and Focus in Validations

I like the new feature of 4.0 tabular form validations a lot. If you create a validation on a column, you will get the highlighting and focus out of the box. Based on that, I created a small example for those cases where you can't use the standard validations and still need to do it by hand. It works the similar way except that the highlighting will only work after clicking the link in the message. You can find that example in my Demo Application.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

SQL Query (return colon separated value)

Did you know there is a new computation type in APEX - SQL Query (return colon separated value)? Probably not, because there are many other "sexier" features. However this "small" feature is realy cool. Before, you needed to do several steps if you wanted to compute your multiselect list, shuttle item, checkbox or a radio button:

1. DECLARE an array,
3. use APEX_UTIL package to convert that array into a string
4. RETURN that string

With APEX 4 you don't need to do that any more. You just do a normal select and whatever it returns will be concatenated into a colon delimited string. That's it.

Friday, 3 September 2010

New Apex Blog

My colleague and friend Linh Dinh from Munich recently started to post about his experience with APEX. You can find his blog here Linh is a knowledgable and smart person with a lot of Java background. His first contact with APEX was in March this year when we started with a project for one of my customers. He immediately liked it and has made a huge progress since then. Linh is blogging in German and therefore his postings are especially interesting for the German APEX community.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Oracle Apex 4.0 Training: New Features

Because of overlapping with the OOW agenda, we decided to reschedule our training to 4th and 5th of October 2010.

Wir (Dietmar und ich) haben den Termin für unsere Schulung um zwei Wochen verschoben. Die Schulung findet nun am 04.10 bzw. 05.10.2010. Der Grund war die Überschneidung mit dem OOW Termin. In diesem Training möchten wir folgende Punkte ansprechen:

- Überblick der neuen Features, was ist alles neu
- Der Umgang mit Websheets, wie kann man die neuen Wiki-ähnliche Funktionalitäten sinnvoll nutzen
- Dynamic Actions, wie man AJAX Funktionalität deklarativ (ohne zu programmieren) in seinen Applikationen einsetzt
- Erweiterbarkeit von APEX über Plug-Ins, benutzerdefinierten Elementtypen und Regionen
- Verbesserungen der Tabular Forms, insbesondere die Validierungen und die Unterstützung zusätzlicher Elementtypen
- Die Verwendung der neuen Elementtypen
- Verbesserungen der mächtigen interaktiven Berichte mit komplexeren Filtern, Gruppierungen und das Abonnement von Benachrichtigungen
- Team Development, das Projekt direkt mit APEX managen
- Verbesserungen im Application Builder
- Neue Möglichkeiten der Chart-Engine sowie neue Diagrammtypen (GANTT und Kartendarstellungen)
- Web Services, deklarative Unterstützung von REST-Webservices
- Administration, Vereinfachungen in der Administration sowie im Deployment von Applikationen
- Umgang mit dem neuen APEX Listener

Alle Details findet ihr hier:

Friday, 23 July 2010

Highlight Selected Row

This may be an a bit old topic. However I am getting emails from time to time asking how to do that. This example shows how to easily highlight a selected row in a report and make it persistant while reloading / submitting the page.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

APEX 4.0 - Standard Tabular Forms and Select Lists

I just noticed that the bug I first time saw in the first beta version of 4.0 is still present - see this forum posting and especially this one. If you have a wizard generated tabular form with a select list and you hit the F5 button to reload the page, your select list values will change. This happens only if you use FF. With IE instead it works fine. See this example:

If you are already using 4.0 in production, you should do something to avoid unexpected results. I am sure that the Apex-Team will correct this bug with the first patch for 4.0.

The actual workarround, as posted in the second thread dealing with this isssue is to switch the "Autocomplete" to "off" in the page attributes.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Save Changes before Exiting

One of my customers wants to replace some Forms applications using APEX. One of the critical issues was the possibility to warn the user before exiting the existing form (switching tabs, closing browser window or tab or simply using the back button). In this example in my Demo Application I created a proof of concept using some older threads and demos. The solution is quite neat since there is almost no hardcoding and it works in every case while trying to move from the form. One of the important things was how to get that button for saving changes work, so it doesn't trigger the alert but does save the changes.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tabular Form - Preserve Changes

In our last training (08.03-10.03.2010) there was an interesting question on how to preserve the changes made in a tabular form while paginating through it. The requirement was also to save all the changes made independant of the visible set of rows. This problem can be solved using apex collections. This page in my Demo Application holds a working example including the full description of the code.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Preselect Select List Values while Adding Rows

This example is showing how to preselect values in a tabular form select list while adding rows.

Preventing Duplicate Entries in a Tabular Form

This may sound trivial but the question is one of the frequently asked question in the forum. I just created an example showing how to check a tabular form on duplicate entries prior to saving the new added rows. You will find the example here. Try adding some rows and enter an already existing name for the ename.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

APEX Training in Bensheim - die Uhr tickt

Liebe APEX-ler, auch dieses Jahr organisieren Dietmar und ich ein weiteres Training zum Thema APEX aus der Praxis. Der Termin ist 08.03 - 10.03 im Aleehotel Europa in Bensheim an der Bergstrasse. Wenn ihr auf der Suche nach einem APEX-Training seid, in dem nicht nach einem empno, deptno Muster unterrichtet wird und wo der Dozent APEX nicht nur aus den Unterlagen kennt, sondern in komplexen Projekten selbst eingesetzt hat, dann seid ihr bei uns richtig. Eine Anmeldung zum Training findet ihr hier, auf

Same procedure as every year - APEX Stammtisch

Dietmar aust und ich werden am 22.02.2010 um 19 Uhr unseren jährlichen APEX Stammtisch in Siegburg organisieren. Falls ihr Lust habt mit uns und anderen Teilnehmern über APEX zu reden so könnt ihr euch hier anmelden.