Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dietmar Aust - Oracle ACE

It is now official - my friend Dietmar Aust is an Oracle ACE. Congratulations. Well deserved.

APEX - Statement of Direction

The new Statement of Direction is touching a couple of interesting things. Here are the three most important:

  • New Multi-Row Edit Region Type – Define a new region type with a modern UI for updating multiple rows of data and allow multiple regions on one page
  • Master / Detail / Detail – Provide a wizard interface to define declarative master/detail/detail regions.
  • Multiple Interactive Reports – Allow any number of Interactive Reports to be defined on a single page.

I think this is quite exciting and I can hardly wait to see it working. Theses are of course only the most important details. We will probably see a lot of other smaller things changing and improving. 

I would like to add a couple of wishes to the list if not too late:
  1. a wizard for creating tabular forms based on collections
  2. a wizard for creating single record forms managed by a procedure (package)
  3. an additional page element feature - update session state on change
  4. a new page element - simple checkbox
My list doesn't end here but I need to be realistic. The APEX team is a small group of people working hard and producing already great results. And of course, the APEX story will not end with the version 5.0 :).