Thursday, 27 August 2009

Renaming Page Items

I am using Firefox for development of Apex applications. I have my builder open in one tab and the application in the next one. As soon as I make a change I would switch to the application tab and see the results after reloading or submiting the page. That is quite practical and saves a lot of clicks. Couple of days ago I was developing an application and had to rename a page item. This item was involved in some page computations and after renaming it the page didn't work the way I expected. I spent probably an hour trying to understand why. I changed my code couple of times withouth success. Then it came to my mind that I had seen this before. I logged out, logged in again and my code suddenly worked. So, this is just a small tip to first logout after renaming page items. It could save you a lot of time (and nerves) if you remember it.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Validations using Ajax

I posted about this in October 2008 but in different context. This example in my Demo Application shows how to use Ajax for item validation. I use this method in some cases where I can't allow the page to be submited but have to inform the user before he hits the submit button. Also, if user enters something invalid, it will overwrite that with a previous valid value.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Become a better Apex Developer

We are just under 1 month away from the next training, kicking off 21st of September in Aleehotel Europa in Bensheim. It is time for the "late" birds to sign up for the training.

Unser Training beginnt am 21.09.2009 in Bensheim - Allehotel Europa. Es ist Zeit sich anzumelden. Es sind diesmal einige Plätze frei im Vergleich zu den letzten Trainings. Möglicherweise sind das die Auswirkungen dieser Krise, von der ständig erzählt wird. Und wenn es tatsächlich eine geben sollte, dann ist das die Zeit, die man nutzen sollte nach vorne zu schauen und sich für die guten Zeiten vorzubereiten. Also, meldet euch...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Search and Edit Form with Report

It is easy to create a form with a report in order to drill-down and modify or create records. It would be great if Apex would have a wizard for creating a form which would give us a possibility not only to edit and create records but also to search on those. In this small example in my Demo Application you can see how to do that manually. This example shows several things:

- how to create a manual form
- how to create a manual fetch process
- how to ensure data integrity using checksum
- how to create a form for editing and searching data
- how to drill down on a record set returned by a search without loosing it