Sunday, 25 August 2013

APEX Presentations September and October

September and October 2013 are going to be tough. I am supposed to hold five presentations all together. Here is the schedule and the presentation titles:

04.09.2013 - MT AG (Ratingen, Germany) - "My Demo Application - die wohl populärste APEX Demo Anwendung"

18.09.2013 - Orbit (Bonn, Germany) - "APEX - Applikationen im Expressverfahren erstellen"

19.09.2013 - DOAG Regional (Mannheim, Germany) - "APEX, Installation, Bereitstellung, Schnittstellen und AddOns richtig verwalten"

22.10.2013 - SlOUG Slowenian Oracle User Group Conference (Ljubljana, Slowenia) - "Ten things you need to know about APEX – APEX Features, Deployment and Application Programming"

24.10.2013 - HROUG Croatian Oracle User Group Conference (Rovinj, Croatia) - "APEX 4.2 – Installation, Deployment and Application Management"

Thursday, 8 August 2013

About Website Programming

I found this picture on this web page:

It is funny but true.