Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Access to my Workspace

My workspace dkubicek and my ApEx Demo Application on apex.oracle.com still show around 3000 page clicks per day in average. Google Analytics says there are up to 300 visitors with an average time on site of 11 minutes. 30% of the visitors are visiting the site for the first time.

Yesterday, I changed the login for the guest user in my workspace. In the past I was allowing access to my workspace with the same login as well. However, this showed to be a bad practice. Once, the application was deleted by someone and I needed my backup to restore it. Now, I require your email and your full name to give you your own access. But, I still need to ask you not to do any changes and especially not to install other applications in my workspace.

If you want an access to the workspace where the ApEx Demo Application is stored, please send me your email with your contact details and I will respond to you with a username and a password.


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