Saturday, 17 May 2008

Problems loading Oracle Forums in a browser?

I had this with my old laptop and thought that is my "overloaded" FireFox with all those extensions. However, that continued with my new notebook as well. Now, I noticed this is not only FireFox but also the same thing happens when I use Internet Explorer (which I use only then when I need to open the same ApEx application twice).

See the picture below. It looks like while loading the forum the page is not rendered completely. This behaviour is only there when using Oracle Forums and they happen in both cases - while loading the main page or a single thread. Therefor my question to all readers of this blog: have you ever noticed something like that? I have this from time to time regardless of the connection I use. Currently, I use DSL 16000.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem. Webforms wouldn't load on FireFox, nor IE. I finally managed to get the application working by running it in a 'bubble'. Check
Hope this helps.

Kindest regards,

SydOracle said...

I get that sometimes, normally when performance seems poor. I've suspected it is going into a 'degraded' mode.

Stew said...

I occasionally have the same trouble. FireFox won't load the forum, but it will come up in IE6. I've seen that at work and from home.

Unknown said...

I often get that behavior in Firefox.

Usually, using IE works for me.

Will Shattuck said...

Have you tried clearing the browser cache? Sometimes cached and corrupted css/style files will generate the issues you are seeing. Most notably with Outlook Web Access.