Sunday, 19 October 2008

Dynamic Charts

Whenever you need to create a chart with multiple series, you will go there and hardcode those series, creating an almost identical SQL for each one of them. As long as your values remain the same, that will be ok. But what if they change? Actualy, the solution is pretty simple - you need to create a PL/SQL Block to return all the series in one SQL. This example in my Demo Application shows how to write such a Function.

If you replace the column and table names, you can use the same function for all of your charts with multiple series.



Stew said...

Say congratulations on being named the Oracle Apex Developer of the Year!

Anonymous said...

Great example!
I've tried it and it works great for my app. What I didn't get working though, is to include a link in the statement.
I keep getting "ORA-20001: Unable to bind :3 verify length of item is 30 bytes or less. Use v() syntax to reference items longer than 30 bytes. ORA-01006: bind variable does not exist"
Do you have any ideas?

Unknown said...

My question is not related to the post but because I was unsbale to open the APEX Forum so I decide to consult you on your blog. I have an application and want to create End Users with an initial password and require them to change on first login. I know there is tab "Access Control" in Manage Users but that is not working. Even when I say Yes to the option or even Lock the account the users still able to login using the default password that I provide. Also there is no option appearing through which they can change the passowrd. I am using APEX Security.

Anonymous said...


I've implemented this solution in my application but have one problem - how to get rid of values and names wich are displayed on stacks ??

i've seen that you manage to do this but don't know how.

please update the xml code or post a solution.


Best regards
Piotr Jasinski