Saturday, 13 February 2010

Preventing Duplicate Entries in a Tabular Form

This may sound trivial but the question is one of the frequently asked question in the forum. I just created an example showing how to check a tabular form on duplicate entries prior to saving the new added rows. You will find the example here. Try adding some rows and enter an already existing name for the ename.


wheretopia - Photo Gallery to the World said...

Your example works fine however it erases the all the new information that was entered in the tabular form. I have to re-enter it to correct.

Is there a way I can display the error without erasing the inofrmation that was just entered?

Denes Kubicek said...

Display Error on the error page or user APEX 4.0.

Denes Kubicek

wheretopia - Photo Gallery to the World said...

I am using Apex 4. I'm trying to display the message inline with the field and not on a separate page.

Is this possible?