Friday, 23 July 2010

Highlight Selected Row

This may be an a bit old topic. However I am getting emails from time to time asking how to do that. This example shows how to easily highlight a selected row in a report and make it persistant while reloading / submitting the page.


Lev said...

Hi Denes,

Thanks for a great example.

Just small thing - in the description you didn't mention that there should be a link on "edit" button that sets P151_EMPNO item.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I am working on it and pasted your given code but i dont understand. where i have to write it

Put the following in the HTML Expression of the last column:

please guide in this regard.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! It was very useful.

Anonymous said...

Hello Denes

I couldn't make it working from my APEX 4.0, could you please explain step2 ? Do we need to use the "Column Link " and "Link Attributes" ?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, It's super easy and so much better than how I was doing it.


NandiniLearning said...

Hi ,

I have created a Report with breaking , i have many challenges here.

i need you help ,

1) Report has first four column , the breaking is on first three column. but i want to apply break on fourth column too

2) I want only the sum should be displayed on the fist and second column breaks and the third and fourth column sum should not appear on the screen.

3) I donot want the first two columns to be displayed on screen , when i am making them as not show, then the sum Label in the sum rows are moving off , I want them to be displayed on the 3,4 column as these are the columns which should be seen on scree.

4) I want the %sum_header_value# to display #colum1_value# and #column2_value# on the screen for the break sum correspondingly.

Kindly! please Guide me on this.

Waiting for your replies.

Thanks & Regards,
Nandini Thakur

Admin said...

Hi Nandini,

Are you using interactive report?

You can apply control break on upto 6 columns on Interactive Report.

And also show and hide the desired columns without loosing the control breaks.


NandiniLearning said...

Hi Vikram ,

Thanks for the suggestion ,but i donot want to go with the interacxtive report as there thecontrol will be in the hands of end user and on top it wil be difficult to overwrite the exisiting the functionalites of it.

T0 add one more thing , i wanted to check how to modifiy the sum column names when i am breaking for threee columns and i want to rename their sum row labels .
Nandini Thakut

asdf said...

I was able to follow your instructions and get it working with the exception of one problem.

After i select a row, it highlights fine, but when i hover over that row, the highlighter effect disappears

dragonx75 said...

Excelent but same problem when i hover over that row, the highlighter effect disappears.

Denes Kubicek said...

Just remove the highlighting row from the report template.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much it was very helpful for me