Friday, 26 April 2013

CLOB Plugin

There is a new plugin available which makes it possible to save and render contents larger than 32k. This limitation was one of the most critical in APEX. I remember several projects where we had to create workarrounds to solve that issue. Now, there is no need to write your own code any more. Dan McGhan created a new plugin for that and you can find it here:

CLOB Load Plugin

The current help regarding asynchronous submit is missing a detail at this point:

"Next, create one more dynamic action. Set Event to CLOB(s) Submit Complete [Enkitec CLOB Load] and set the action to Execute JavaScript Code. Set the Code field to something like the following:


It should also say that the "Selection Type" of the corresponding Dynamic Action is "DOM Object" and the "DOM Object" is "document".

Also, you can leave the hidden element out and modify the javascript call to:


Try it out. It works great.


charlesroos said...

I downloaded your CLOB handling component and installed it as described there:
I created Synchronous example and my APEX version is:
"Application Express".
The plugin works if my "Rich Text Editor" item has at least 1 symbol in it, then it saves that 1 symbol down successfully. But if i try to save down empty value, then it doesn't put empty value to database. That is the error. It should allow to save to database empty/NULL value. And displaying empty/NULL value from database to web page should work too, but seems that too gives error.
Can you look over the empty value bug, and give me know when you fix it?
I try to find the bug in Javascript myself meanwhile, when i found the bug i will inform you.

Denes Kubicek said...

See the page I provided for details. There, you can ask your questions.



charlesroos said...

Hi, i did already, thx.
I also fixed a bug in the Plugin and posted the bugfix to a forum there:

Dan McGhan said...

Hi Denes,

Thanks for blogging about the plug-in!

Hi Charles,

Thanks for identifying the bug related to submitting NULL values. We fixed it in the latest release.