Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tabular Form - Change Column Type

Just started a new version of My Demo Application - based on APEX 5.0 and Universal Theme. There, I will rework the old content and provide some interesting new possibilities (as of 4.2). In this example I am showing how to change the column type from Text to Display in a tabular form.

When could this be useful? For example if you have a certain group of users not allowed to edit a column and you don't want to create additional and conditional columns. Eventually you can use this to set only specific rows to display only depending on your application logic.


Mike said...

Thanks, Denes. But as an Apex newbie, I don't understand the significance of changing the column type from text to display. Can you give a brief explanation, and also point out what the "saving state" attribute accomplishes. Thanks!

Denes Kubicek said...


Sometimes, it may be required, that certain users do not have access to a specific column. This may help there. Saving State is saving state. Doesn't need to be there if not required.


Msr said...

Thank you Denes. This is what I am looking for some time.
I have only one question to your usefull solution:how did you create the two buttons 'Salary Read Only - Save State' and 'Salary Input' at the same grid position.

Md. Firoz Mahmud - Bangladesh said...

Denes Kubicek, I have faced some problem in oracle apex tabular. Like I have 4 columns a tabular form empno (database column), ename (virtual column-not db), job (virtual column not db), salary (virtual column not db).

When i reorganized (order up down) virtual column and submit tabular form then show an error message.

Current version of data in database has changed since user initiated update process. current row version identifier = "03D26C4A1202BAEE2829CE39CB9B9465C6DC5DBD" application row version identifier = "8AF6DEA19217EED5C294E0E530FB287ADF7ABFA4" (Row 1)