Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Export to Excel

One of the most anoying things my users complain about (and all the time) is export of reports to excel. Let us not talk about how much sense does it make to do such exporting and what do they need it for. The fact is: it is required. The problem isn't so much that you need two steps instead of one:

1. export your report and save it as a .csv to your harddrive
2. open it using excel

It is more a problem of different office versions and local settings (formats). Then you may need three or four steps instead of "only" two. Data formating may also become an issue.

In this


I posted a solution for that problem. This package is still in work and once I'm done, I will post the full code behind.

You can see a demo and download the package including all installation instructions on my

Demo Application

This is a real one-step export and it works for both ApEx and XE. Surelly, this package can be enhanced in the future - now it exports your result set one-to-one into excel.

All my postings related to ApEx will point to this demo application on

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Unknown said...

Hello Denes,
How can I achieve export to excel functionality in IR?