Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Filtering a Shuttle Item

Very often a shuttle item is much convenient than a multiselect list. But what if your LOV has many hundreds or even thousands of items? Check this example:


The most of the code can be reused except of the application process. However, this
could be written as a dynamic PL/SQL block as well.

The example I used is based on a table containing around 5000 records. Having in mind this runs on apex.oracle.com, the performance of filtering is quite satisfying.


Robert said...

This is just what I was looking for. But I am having problems using it. I inserted the items, javascript, and application process but cannot make it work. When I enter a few letters, all "specialties" (similar to "cities") appear not only the ones containing those letters. What am I doing wrong?

I posted it on apex.oracle.com


Robert said...

please email me if you need other information. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I had this problem before... http://forums.oracle.com/forums/message.jspa?messageID=2002512

So Carl, fixed this up. Works in Netscape, but not IE. But much easier!

See in Action...


Denes Kubicek said...


I didn't know about the Carl's solution. Of course, it is less code but it doesn't work for IE and this is the biggest downside of it. My solution (also based on Carl's code) works for all browsers.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Denes Kubicek

Unknown said...

HI Denes

My Requirement is again filter on Shuttle,went through the various dicussion on Your's and Carl's thread,As I am on IE so tried to use your solution but it didnot work,would the javascript go into Page header?i think so..

Also,I see that Your Page is also not working.

Could you please give soem pointers?