Thursday, 3 March 2016

APEX 5 - Opening and Closing Modal Window - Part Two

In this blog post from 2015 I explained how to open a modal window from an item and pass the values back, display a sucess message, etc. This page also contains an item plugin to make it easier to do the whole stuff and avoid hardcoding. I have never published this plugin. Hopefully this functionality is going to be a standard part of 5.1. Now, I was asked to make this working with a file browse item as well. I extended that example and created a new one showing how to do that with changing and clicking on a file browse item. You can see this example here. If you have an account for my workspace, you can even download the plugin and make it working in your environment. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Denes,

How about this scenario / functionality :

File browse 2 will come the Modal Window, when the Modal window close, File browse 1 in the main screen should get the value of the File browse 2.

How will I accomplish it?



Denes Kubicek said...

What would this be good for?


Anonymous said...

My requirement basically :

I have a main page that has photo and other stuff.

To change the photo, there is a button under it and it calls the modal window where the File browse item2 reside.

I have a hidden File browse item1 in the main page.

** I do not want to call File browse item1 from the main page, just my preference.


Denes Kubicek said...

For that you don't need two file browse items. One, on the mmodal page is enough. The only thing you need is to reload the photo on the mane page once it is changed. You can do that using report region or using jquery.