Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Demo Application

If you experience a problem accessing My Demo Application (old and new version) at apex.oracle.com, that means there is a reason for that. One of the users deleted all the applications in my workspace and installed some of his own. I don't think this was intended but it is still a lot of work and I am trying to geta all the important stuff back online. After that I will need to rethink the way of accessing the workspace. It happened for the second time within the last four months.


Lev said...

Hi Denes,

First of all - it was not me :)

And I hope that you will be able to restore everything.
Your application is always an excellent source of
information about APEX.


Juergen Schuster said...

How can you accidentally do that?

Unknown said...

Hi Denes,

there is a packaged application: "APEX Application Archive". With that one you should be able to back up (and easily restore) the applications in your workspace. Stores everything in tables in your schema.


Denes Kubicek said...

It is a pitty you can't lock an application so it can't be deleted by other developers. Something like locking pages.



Denes Kubicek said...


You can of course delete an application accidentally. People get easily confused and don't know if they are in their own workspace or somwhere else. I don't think this is an accident. I have a backup and the only problem is the application ID. If the application gets deleted, the ID is lost. This ID has been linked to many posts and it is a big lost if it gets lost :)


Scott Wesley said...

Sounds like we need a feature request to lock an application, which might be specifically for cases like this where forums and sample apps are used to benefit the community.

Jusy said...

Hopefully you are still allowing people to see inside the demo workspace, I would find this immensely helpful. I've sent you an email and have my fingers crossed!