Tuesday, 1 April 2008

ApEx Training - followup

This was my first ApEx-only training. I can't remember when I last time spoke in front of that many people (at school perhaps). However, this was an amazing experience. ApEx is really something special - amazing people, exciting topics and a lot of enthusiasm. Also, there were 8 female attendees at our training which I think is great quote. Here some pictures from our training (actually, we were so busy that we managed to take only these two ;)):

The program schedule was quite well loaded and we didn't manage to elaborate on everything. Our schedule was also quite aggressive - training from 9 - 17.30 and QA Sessions from 19 to 21 (planned time - indeed it was 23 when we quit). Amazing to see 80% of the attendees sitting there at 7 in the evening preparing for the QA.

Tomorrow, we will post the details of our next training in Munich.

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Joel R. Kallman said...

Congratulations, Denes, on such a successful event!


P.S. Thanks for removing the "rarely updated".