Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Manual Tabular Form

Today, I answered an interesting question in the ApEx Forum. Basically, the requirement was to have a tabular form which allows only new records to be edited. Tabular forms are a powerful feature but also something the most of the ApEx developers have a problem with. The manual from the How-To's is outdated, confusing and it is also incorrect in several issues. Also, there are not many other resources in the community dedicated to the problem of operating with tabular forms. This is why I decided to create an example showing several important techniques for mastering this topic. I also posted the most of the code you need to get it working that way:

- highlighting selected rows
- validating the checksum
- disabling columns not allowed for editing
- adding rows to tabular form (one or multiple)
- operating with apex_item package

See the example in my Demo Application. If you want to see more, you may send me an email and join the group of 250 registered users of my Workspace.

A similar example was one of the topics in our training two weeks ago and was created by Patrick Wolf and myself.


ERP systems said...

Is there any reference about
ROWNUM = 5 (on examples theres LEVEL <5)
and populate 5 different values (from select list) for every level, populated automaticaly with ADD_ROWS
(In examples on http://htmldb.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=31517:170 when push ADD_ROWS
ENAME column have only manualy populate, so is there way how populate for firs row PRESIDENT, next row MANAGER and so from select lists)
thank in advance

Denes Kubicek said...

I think this is what you are looking for:


Denes Kubicek

ERP systems said...

thats it!
create_collections determine
values in select lists!

Unknown said...

HI Denes,

Actually i am developing POS system and my requirment is to have table after scanning the item it will populate all the details and automatically pass on to next row. Actually i am forms and reports developer . Recently we planned to upgrade to APEX i tried different ways but i couldn't get the solution ,Please help me out.

Thanks and regards,