Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cascading Select List in a Tabular Form

This is something the most of the ApEx Developers have a problem with. How do I create a cascading select list in a tabular form? There are several examples (also in my Demo Application) on how to do that in a simple form. However, there is only one example arround showing how this can be done - in Vikas application, but I don't like that approach. I have also been asked several times to create such an example. Here we go! In my Demo Application you will find a working example showing also how to create an update and delete process + some javascript for checking and highlighting of all rows in your tabular form:

This approach is using apex_item + the same javascript (ajax) code as for the "simple" cascading select list.

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Carl Backstrom said...


Hey you might want to extend it to support multiple select lists , something like this

Also since your returning the null value display maybe slip in the number or records returned
- Select Employee (4) - ?

Carl Backstrom said...

very nice example as well ;)

Denes Kubicek said...


Thanks for your suggestions. I implemented the number of returned records in the select list. In one of the next examples I may include the multiple selects as well.

Denes Kubicek

Ernesto said...

Hi Denes,

The apex example link is not working, could you help us to log in, thanks!